Intake Process

Getting started is easy. A doctor’s referral is not required – you may refer yourself simply by calling in to book an appointment. I make every effort to respond to all calls within 48 hours. The only information required to book an appointment is your name, a mailing address (or an email address), a number where you can be reached, and a brief description of the problem(s) you are struggling with to ensure my practice will be a good fit in meeting your needs.

Once we have set up an appointment, I will send you (via email or ground mail, whichever you prefer) a welcome package that includes standard information about treatment, a personal information form (e.g., name, age, brief description of the problem(s) for which you are seeking help), and a consent form for you to complete in advance of your appointment. You may either bring these forms with you to your first appointment, or send them back by mail or email. This information is used to help speed up the intake and assessment / treatment process so that we do not waste valuable time during session(s) gathering this information.

Prior to the commencement of treatment / assessment, an interview will be conducted to gather further relevant information, and you may be asked to fill out a few other short forms or questionnaires to help clarify you presenting concerns.


Click here for my Referral Form (not needed for self-referral)