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Dr. Kaploun and associates offer a variety of assessment and therapy services for adults and seniors seeking help for difficulties ranging from support with everyday problems to more significant cognitive, emotional and other mental health conditions.

The primary form of treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based form of treatment that is structured, short-term, goal-directed, and problem-focused. We have particular experience in treating prenatal and postpartum anxiety (i.e., perinatal anxiety) and offer a specialized treatment program, the Perinatal Anxiety Treatment Program (PAT Program) for new and expectant mothers struggling with anxiety.

We also offer specialized treatment for working with senior and geriatric populations in the community who may be struggling with the major life changes that come with advancing age. This would include the loss of a partner, stress brought on by retirement, or moving into residential living, memory loss, and changes to emotional well being (such as anxiety, depression, or OCD).


Dr. Kristen Kaploun

Dr. Kristen Kaploun

Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist


Training and Experience

Dr. Kristen Kaploun is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Windsor and has been working in private practice since 2014. Dr. Kaploun is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) and the International Neuropsychological Society (INS).

Dr. Kaploun has held positions in various hospital and clinical settings including: Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Baycrest, West Park Healthcare Centre, and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Her passion for her discipline has led her to facilitate workshops on the cognitive effects of aging and memory and the psychosocial aspects of retirement for members of the community and other mental health professionals.

Dr. Kaploun has taught at the undergraduate level at the University of Guelph, and currently provides clinical training for advanced graduate-level students working towards obtaining their license for autonomous practice.

There are several assessment services that we offer. They include:  neuropsychological, baseline cognitive,
psycho-educational/psycho-vocational, medical-legal, insurer examinations, and specialty assessments
all of which are geared towards evaluating an individual’s level of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning. 


Unlike more invasive measures of brain function, such as MRI and CT scans, our assessments are completely non-invasive. 



While the term “postpartum depression” (PPD) has made many new or expectant moms anxious about how they will fare once the baby arrives, few women realize that prenatal anxiety is much more common, albeit less well known, than PPD.



My primary focus is on treating anxiety and anxiety-related problems. I also have particular interest and experience in treating women experiencing prenatal and postpartum anxiety (i.e., perinatal anxiety).



We also have specialized training in working with senior and geriatric populations in the community who may be struggling with the major life changes that come with advancing age. 


To find out more about Dr. Kaploun’s practice, please feel free to explore the information available on this website.
If you cannot find the answers to questions you may have, or if you are not sure whether the treatments and
assessment services offered are a match for your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to working with you and/or your family.  

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