Seniors Treatment and Assessment

We also have specialized training in the treatment and assessment of senior citizens.
Dr. Kaploun has experience working with seniors who are struggling with many different changes that occur with increased age. Many seniors notice that their daily lives, routines and means of interacting with others begin to change over time (or all of a sudden) but they are uncertain about how to begin reversing those changes.

Just as often, it is a family member contacting us out of concern for a parent’s cognitive or emotional well-being. The most common things that children notice about an aging parent include:

  • Changes to memory (repeating themselves, forgetting things)
  • Reduced attention or concentration
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in previously enjoyed activities
  • Less interest in going out into the community and engaging with others socially (i.e., seeming more withdrawn, quiet or depressed)
  • Loss of inhibition or changes to personality
  • Increased anxiety or agitation (including OCD-like symptoms)

Such changes often lead to questions such as:

  • Is this a normal part of aging?
  • Is this a sign of dementia?
  • Is my mother or father depressed?

Two unique programs designed specifically for seniors

Treatment could include, but does not have to, an in-depth assessment process to help determine whether the changes experienced by a client are in fact “normal” to aging, or whether there is something else taking place. Specialized assessments can then be conducted to help clarify matters and to develop treatment recommendations.

Our office offers two unique treatment programs specifically for seniors: The Aging with Purpose Program (APP) and the Memory Matters Program (MMP).

The Aging with Purpose Program (APP) is designed with a focus on helping individuals rediscover their sense of purpose after changes to self that can occur with aging, such as retirement, loss of a partner, moving into residential living, or loss of health. Negative thoughts such as, “What do I have to contribute anymore?” or “Why would anyone care what I think?” are common thoughts that arise as we enter into later stages of life. Finding meaning and purpose in life and daily activities, as well as realizing important ways to contribute to and engage in the lives of others, are important goals with this program. Achieving these goals leads to an improved quality of life and increased feelings of peace and well-being. This program is available either in a one-on-one format over as many weeks as necessary, or in a structured group format, which lasts 5 weeks.  Groups are run several times a year and require a minimum of 4 participants, whereas individual treatment can begin at any time.

The Memory Matters Program (MMP) is a training program designed to help independently dwelling seniors who are concerned about the natural changes to memory that come along with aging. This 5-week program (if run in a group setting; individual sessions are also available) teaches specific skills to support memory, attention span and improves confidence in one’s memory abilities.


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